Birgitta and Tomas Persson, both founders and owners of HealthTextiles.

About HealthTextiles
Using TorTex™ fabric, healthcare providers are able to significantly reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) among nurses, doctors and their patients.
HealthTextiles is a leading Swedish manufacturer with a mission to save lives and decrease costs for the healthcare sector by developing innovative new healthcare uniforms and textiles. Offering unique anti-microbial uniforms with Swedish quality and design, their uniforms can be found in hospitals, health clinics and care homes across Europe, with the company set to expand globally in 2021. HealthTextiles is supported by EIT Health.

Founded by Harvard MBA and entrepreneur Tomas Persson, textiles expert Birgitta Persson and public service leader Torgny Persson, HealthTextiles is a Swedish scaleup that has been selected into EIT Health’s Bridgehead programme and was awarded by Ahlgrens Foundation in 2018 & 2020 as one of the most innovative startups in the Gävleborg region.


Tomas Persson
Founder and Owner, HealthTextiles

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“In Sweden alone, health associated infections from bacteria exposure in hospitals cost 6–7 billion SEK annually, with 9% of people admitted contracting a healthcare-associated infection during their hospital stay,” says HealthTextiles founder Tomas Persson. “Even with adequate PPE, the risk of healthcare workers contracting COVID-19 is five times higher than the likelihood of someone contracting it from the general community. Within the crowded, chaotic environments at hospitals and care homes, our patented TorTex fabric provides the protection that frontline responders need to save lives and stay safe throughout the work day,” Persson continues.
Tomas Persson, Founder and Owner, HealthTextiles